What does ‘Virgin Hair’ mean?

The true definition of ‘virgin hair’ is that the hair donated to us has never been chemically treated, coloured, or processed in any way. It has been cut straight from the donor’s hair, cleaned, packed, and sent directly to us to be turned into beautiful, natural and pure extensions. Extensions have never been sent to a factory to be bleached, coloured or altered in any way.

Virgin hair is completely natural, so colours and textures will never be consistent, and you can come across bundles that have different undertones or textures in comparison to another bundle—just like real hair. In fact, some bundles may also have grey hair in them.

Is the hair ethically sourced?

S H E is proud to offer ethically, sourced hair extensions.

Unlike many other mainstream hair extension companies, we only engage in ethical sourcing practices, not cheap unethically sourced products for the mass market. Our products are high in price and high in quality, because we have built a supply chain with strong practices, importing hair in a responsible and sustainable way. We ensure that our donors are treated fairly, and all social and moral impacts are taken into consideration during the sourcing process.

Many companies sell Asian or Indian hair because in these parts of the world, people live in poverty and some, sadly, are forced to sell their hair for a small amount of money. But our hair is different: it is collected direct from Russian villages and sent to us in batches. When it arrives, it is raw and in a myriad of different colours, lengths, textures and thicknesses which we then sort in our Sydney offices.


How long does the hair last?

Raw Virgin Russian Slavic Hair is different to processed hair as it is untreated and beautifully natural. And because it is so pure it can last anywhere between 3-4 years if it is looked after well—your customers can really make of their investment.  Your customers will love that they can treat this hair as they would natural hair.

Even our coloured Russian hair, can last between 12- 24 months before replacing, if it is well cared for and by following our aftercare guidelines.


Is the hair double drawn?

Unlike mass market hair extensions, our hair is not 100% double drawn, meaning our bundles contain 25 grams per bundle, and each bundle is sourced from a single donor. While, we cannot guarantee that each donor naturally had double drawn hair, but during our processing we only eliminate the very short hairs, and make the strands approximately 80% double drawn. This gives the strand a natural look, and also helps us keep as much of this rare hair as possible. Again, we are not importing from Asian or Indian countries where there is a massive supply of hair—we are importing rare hair and every strand matters!


Remy hair?

The term “Remy” means that all cuticles are facing in the correct and same direction, therefore, it falls naturally, which means no tangling and matting with the other hair strands. When you are cutting the hair off someone’s hair and keeping it in the same form, you can automatically guarantee that this hair will be Remy. The hair hasn’t been thrown in a bucket with thousands of other hair bundles, tangled, separated, mixed. You get what one person grew! It goes from them, to us, to you—so yes, our hair is Remy.


How do I know what colour to choose?

When choosing a colour to match our client’s own hair, we simply hold our colour ring swatches close to their hair from the middle to the ends. Matching the colour of their hair on the ends is the most important factor as the extensions will be applied on the bottom-middle of their scalp, never on top. But we have many shades to choose from, so, if their shade isn’t available, choose the closest shade, and you can get extensions professionally coloured at your preferred salon.


What products do you recommend to use on S H E hair extensions?

 We recommend using natural shampoos that are paraben and sulfate-free.

Also, moisture/hydration is crucial to help prevent extensions from drying out. Therefore, we recommend hydration and moisture products to our clients along with leave-in sprays and heat protectors.


Where is S H E based?

Our company is based in Sydney but we work with salons Australia-wide and ship nationally and internationally.


Do you offer hair extension courses with S H E?

Yes, please contact us regarding information on our courses.


What happens once I place my order?

Once you have booked a time a date and checked out wit your product you will get a confirmation email with a link to you time and date. If you need anymore information we request you contact us on 0450 839 759.

Please remember to add your number to your order incase we need to contact you.

How much time do I need to allow before I can book an appointment?

Allow 1 week for all Packages Appointments 

For maintenance and styling appointments can be booked from the first day available